Student Reviews & Testimonial

Mandeep is an incredible mentor, a great colleague and a phenomenal friend. Along with the amazing cause of education he espouses, he has helped FrogIdeas into taking its digital marketing courses online- thus leading to an amazing collaboration between Mindscan and FrogIdeas as well. In the process of taking our courses online, we had hiccups as well- however Mandeep was patient and ever-guiding in the pursuit of excellence. He is a treat to watch at combined sales meetings we've had as well, skilfully guiding prospective clients with effective story-telling and concept selling. Thanks Mandeep for the amazing friend and collaborator that you are.

Jatin Modi , CEO, FrogIdeas

I had done B.Com (H) in 2002, and wanted to upgrade my-self. I did M.Com in 2012 & since then have tasted great success at work.

Arun Kumar, M.Com

The guidance & advise that I got from the counselors was very helpful & it saved me 1 year in my B.Tech.

Shanta Kumari, B.Tech, Diploma

Getting a University Degree from MindScan Education has helped me open the gates to success and add value to my career.

Ashutosh Sharma, MBA

I got a professional edge over my peers. The course was insightful and diverse , and covered all aspects of the subject. It has helped me achieve a Managerial Position very early in my career.

Raman Kohli , MCA

I never thought that doing MBA, while working would be so convenient. The study material of the University is very helpful & informative.

Ashish Khanna, MBA

I used the services of Mindscan education for my sister - who is a teaching in a private school & needed to complete B.Ed. degree. It was a great experience - as they understood the matter & answered all of questions & doubts about the course & colleges. I have no doubt that with the knowledge & passion of the team, Mindscan Education will grow by leaps & bounds.

Shravan Bhagat, B.Ed

College Seminars

Cloud Computing

  • The training was a good gateway towards Cloud Computing .Vaibhav, BVCOE
  • Came to know how the technology we use, is actually built. Heena, Amity
  • Got a clear picture of career options in Cloud Computing. Anurag, Amity
  • Good reality-check. Amit, BVCOE
  • The importance & future scope of this technology - an eye-opening seminar. Divya, Amity
  • Real practical exposure - never imagined that I will work on Azure. Ashish - BVCOE
  • 5 stars to the training. Tanuj, BVCOE
  • Learnt so much about Cloud computing - it will allow me to make my career. Swasti, MSIT
  • Cloud computing part was delightful….and the fact that I don't have to mug-up basic languages & can actually do some interesting stuff. Harshjot, MSIT

Mobile Application

  • Inspiring, Wake-up call. Jushey, JMIETI
  • Very informative & will help in the future for my career - want more such seminars. Akshay, Amity
  • I could relate to the real-life examples. Mayank, MSIT
  • Taught me new things, which I did not know. Abhinav, MSIT
  • Knowledge about career options. Shashank, MSIT
  • Got lots of information on how to plan my career. Vivek, Amity
  • Very interactive - giving us an idea of future technologies. Aman, JMIETI

Information Security

  • Really motivating - didn't know there is so much for me to use my IT knowledge. Niyati, MSIT
  • Did not realize that information security has so many career options. Suman, MSIT


  • Seminar provided all the information about what ERP is.. wil help me in the future. Aastha, MAIT
  • Very effective - real knowledge enhancement. Piyush, MAIT
  • Would like to know more about the ERP modules. Pallavi, MAIT